All in Stoner

Cursus - Cursus

On their first self-titled full length,you won’t find retro Sabbath homage here, instead Cursus is driven by something a bit more industrial and Gothic.  They reach further afield for textures, with a full palette of instruments complementing their naturally spare sound.

Elephant Tree - S/T

It evokes a sense of floating through dark abyssal plains, drawn towards a beacon of light which is revealed to be something alien, composed of strange textures that float above deep turbulent undercurrents. This, you find yourself affirming, is heavy...

Mondo Drag - The Occultation Of Light

One of the things I am searching for is a platonic ideal of a post-Barrett, Live at Pompeii era Floyd space rock album.  This album isn’t quite that - but that is no knock, after all, even Floyd themselves never quite got there.  But the more I listen, the more The Occultation of Light convinces me that they are close to it. Perhaps that ideal underlies this album somewhere as a substrate of dark matter?