Cybernetic Witch Cult - Spaceous Cretaceous

Cybernetic Witch Cult - Spaceous Cretaceous

If there is one thing the stoner doom crowd had over it’s more Nordic kvlt-y brethren, it’s a sense of humor.  Which is a good thing - you’d never get a record with this much fun in it coming out of Norway.  Presumably they have better weed in Cornwall?  

Spaceous Cretaceous is the sophomore effort from the lads in Cybernetic Witch Cult and continues in the thematic vein of last year’s Morlock Rock - documenting an unhealthy obsession with horror and sci-fi b movies. We move from a dinosaur invasion from space, John Carpenter, frozen jedi, Baphomet, and the Evil Dead and more over the course of fifty minutes.

Sonically, this album is a marked improvement over Morlock, which had the riffs to spare, but sounded decidedly muffled.  Spaceous sounds clearer and more in your face, all the better to memorize the sing-along choruses for the live show.  Case in point is Hunted on Hoth, a tribute to The Empire Strikes Back that served as an early preview released for May the 4th.  Why settle for corpse paint and grasping invisible fruit as a pale imitation of what you really want to be doing - pretending you are the Emperor Palpatine incanting “Skywalker, Rise!

And fear not, lest you start thinking that we are talking about a novelty band.  The band is more than capable of providing the instrumental chops to keep the neck limber and snapping.  Dark Star is a riff on the John Carpenter film of the same name, and has nods to surf rock in there, a crunchy flange-y main riff, and a quite remarkable melodic spacey guitar solo capped off with some pulsating double bass drumming.  Good stuff. Cloven Hooves, Horns and Wings omits the Oxford comma, but does manage to include a great swaggering blues riff and seems like it would be a great platform for some extended jamming.  See Her At The End of Time has one of the best riffs on the album, starting of as a folky strummed vamp which ends up as a propulsive riff  supporting some harmonized vocals. 

Ultimately for me the album is both a primer and a cruel tease for a killer live show I’m not likely to be able to see any time soon.  Hopefully the Witch Cult will get to hit stateside sometime soon, but until then they seem to be terrorizing the south of England on the regular.  Catch them if you can, and in the meantime I’ll be sitting on my front porch, 12-gauge in hand, awaiting the inevitable arrival of the Velocirapture.  Not while I have opposable thumbs, you saurian bastards…..

Cybernetic Witch Cult:

  • Alex Wyld - Guitar, Vocals
  • Kale Deane - Bass, Vocals
  • Rogan Collins - Drums






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