You make heavy music.  We like heavy music.  That is why we curate (and, at times, placate)  the Negalith, the ur-conduit of chthonic transmissions from beyond our knowing.  But the voices below are legion, and the Negalith needs must be both a filter as well as an antenna, lest the ley-lines become overrun with the mindless ones, the manes, if you will.  To that end, and to ensure your submission is accorded all due consideration, please attune your song to the mind of the Negalith by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Send your submission to  Include the word “Submission” in the subject line.
  2. You may address your submission to Negalithic, knowing our names is not important to the ultimate destination of your submission.  We serve the Negalith without ego or identity, and are replaceable at the whim of the Negali OH GOD NO NO OH CHRIST WHY I’m sorry what were you saying?
  3. The preferred way to get your music to the Negalith is through a download code from bandcamp or a similar record label website .  The Negalith wants to give you a fair hearing, and that means hearing your music in the best possible format.  So, if we can get to some Flac or other lossless files, so much the better.
    • Corollary to the above, do not send huge zip files to our mailboxes unsolicited. If necessity compels that you send us digital files, check with us first.
    • Do not host your files on rapidshare, zshare, or other such download sites that will test the patience of the Negalith.  Its silence in regard to such matters is deafening.
  4. If you do wish to send physical media, please contact the Negalith for the mailing address.  It is likely that the only physical medium the Negalith will accept is vinyl albums, as they contain in their composition the micro-souls of a frillion micro-plankton, each pierced each in turn by the ritual needle and releasing a single quanta of suffering, which soothes the Negalith like the endless mantra of spinning Tibetan prayer wheels.
  5. The Negalith and all its subsidiary entities do not guarantee, promise, or swear blood-oath that we will review your submission, nor will  the Negalith prognosticate in specific situations, or indemnify the cost of submission. All must supplicate before the Negalith and few have their pleas heard.  To place all before the Negalith and see your wyrd laid bare before you is an experience akin to the Total Perspective Vortex.  We empathize.  The Negalith does not.
  6. The Negalith probably won't post a negative review of your work.  See the introduction paragraph above.  It may however publish what it feels is a balanced review, in the spirit of constructive criticism.
  7. Please include a bio and any pics you want us to use with the review.  

Here endeth the Lesson.